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Our Guiding Principles


Our Vision

The Saint Francis Music Society, guided by the St Francis High School philosophy, provides the resources needed to enable Saint Francis High School to offer an outstanding music education to all students in its music program.

Our Mission

To support the Saint Francis music program and its students by providing:

  • Financial and physical support, including the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies, to carry out the core activities of the Saint Francis High School music program (teaching, learning, practising and performing);

  • Monetary assistance to deserving students in financial need (as determined by the school administration) to help with additional costs not covered by the Society to enable them to participate in voluntary activities.

Saint Francis High School

877 Northmount Dr NW

Calgary, AB  T2L 0A7

P: 403-500-2026

F: 403-500-2226


The Saint Francis Music Program, with valued community members such as Peter Mauro, Joe Spoletini and John de Waal, support an annual scholarship which is intended to further music studies at the post-secondary level.

Application is open to all Saint Francis music students who meet the following criteria:

  • The candidate was in the program for the full three years that he/she attended high school.

  • The student demonstrates dedication to music and has contributed their talents to the music program by participating in at least two or more ensembles. 

  • The student demonstrates a high level of ability on his/ her chosen instrument or voicing. 

  • The student has intentions of continuing their studies in music after high school either through university, college or intends to pursue studies at an academy for music, or through music lessons. (Scholarships will only be awarded once a letter of acceptance from one of the above institutions has been sent to the candidate and copied to the Music Director and the business office at Saint Francis High School)

  • The student has demonstrated leadership and teamwork in his/ her approach to ensemble work and rehearsals and performances.

  • The student has demonstrated a strong sense of discipline and exemplifies a strong work ethic in class, rehearsals, on music tours and in festivals.

Application Procedure:

In an essay format, potential candidates should express why they feel they are a worthy candidate for the Music Scholarship while keeping in mind the requirements of the scholarship. Candidates should also outline their plan for future studies in music.

Submit to:  Brigida Battistessa

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