Our Guiding Principles


Our Vision

The Saint Francis Music Society, guided by the St Francis High School philosophy, provides the resources needed to enable Saint Francis High School to offer an outstanding music education to all students in its music program.

Our Mission

To support the Saint Francis music program and its students by providing:

  • Financial and physical support, including the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies, to carry out the core activities of the Saint Francis High School music program (teaching, learning, practising and performing);

  • Monetary assistance to deserving students in financial need (as determined by the school administration) to help with additional costs not covered by the Society to enable them to participate in voluntary activities.

Saint Francis High School

877 Northmount Dr NW

Calgary, AB  T2L 0A7

P: 403-500-2026

F: 403-500-2226

Saint Francis Music Society Committee 2020-2021


Vice Principal 

Joan Lingelbach

Music Director

Brigida Battistessa


Darlene Senger

Vice President

Valerie Zajac


Renée Sward


Jurgen Hartloper

Fundraising Coordinator

Andrew Springett

Uniform Coordinator

Deborah Perrier

Volunteer Coordinator

Anne Ang-Becker


Roberta Lee


Society Meeting Minutes