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Our Guiding Principles


Our Vision

The Saint Francis Music Society,

guided by the Saint Francis High School philosophy, provides the resources needed to enable Saint Francis High School to offer an outstanding music education to all students in its music program.

Our Mission

To support the Saint Francis music program and its students by providing:

  • Financial and physical support, including the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies, to carry out the core activities of the Saint Francis High School music program (teaching, learning, practising and performing);

  • Monetary assistance to deserving students in financial need (as determined by the school administration) to help with additional costs not covered by the Society to enable them to participate in voluntary activities.

Saint Francis High School 

877 Northmount Drive NW

Calgary Alberta  T2L 0A7

P: (403) 500-2026

F: (403) 500-2226

Our Values



We respect the integrity and individuality of all members and endeavour to accommodate individual needs, while bearing in mind that the Society’s primary responsibility is to the music program as a whole.


Our volunteer involvement in Society-sponsored program and fundraising activities is essential to our vision and mission to support the music program and its students.


We recognize volunteer commitment by returning a portion of the funds raised by the Society to volunteers, based on their level of participation, in the form of financial credit towards additional costs for voluntary music program activities.



We provide confidential monetary assistance to students in financial need to help cover costs for voluntary music program activities.

Providing Opportunity

We enhance the opportunity for students to further pursue their music development by administering scholarships for music education beyond the Saint Francis music program.



The Saint Francis Music Program, with the support of the Music society operate the following ensembles: 

  • Concert Band (Music Instrumental 10-20-30)

  • Concert Choir /Show Choir 
    (Music Choral 10-20-30) 

  • Senior Jazz Ensemble 
    (Music Instrumental 15-25-35)
    by audition (Concert Band is Co-requisite)

  • Vocal Jazz Ensemble (Music choral 15-25-35) 
    by audition (Concert Choir is Co-requisite)

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